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October 1, 2020

Dear BFS Families,

Our strike begins Monday, October 5, and will continue until the Board of Trustees and Head of School cease their efforts to decertify our union. We do not make this decision lightly, and it only comes after exhausting all other options since August 14. In striking, we are making a principled sacrifice. To protect our right to unionize, we will give up our financial security. We will also step away from BFS students, who are so important to our lives.

We work with your children every day and are committed to their wellbeing and education. We work hard to give them the very best experience in school. We unionized to collectively bargain with our employer and to be treated equitably and with dignity. We feel it is fundamentally important to maintain this right for our own sake and for the sake of your children as well. You can read from various BFS workers why they are striking here.

The Board of Trustees and Head of School’s attempt to decertify our union has affected us all, colleagues and families alike. Your families and the broader Quaker community have had to endure and hope for a resolution as the school’s leadership has rejected every possible opportunity at compromise.

We recognize the impact this process has on families. Our colleagues provide guidance and mentorship, love and support, and a safe place for your children. The school leadership’s actions have put all of us, colleagues and families, in a position where our relationships and principles are being tested. You have worked to send your children to a school that values the importance of rights and justice, which is also why many of us decided to work here in the first place. In striking, we are honoring those principles despite the practical cost, and we invite you to do the same.

BFS families can support us by:

In Solidarity,
The BFS Union︎︎︎

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