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From: Crissy Cáceres Date: 8/19/20 14:18 (GMT-05:00)
To: BFS Union
Cc: Jason Novak , Katie Banks Subject:
Re: Reconsidering Lower School Reopening Plans

Dear LS Colleagues,

Thank you for expressing your concerns about the reopening of school. Please know that the Leadership Team did not make any decisions regarding reopening lightly or without significant consideration for the safety of our colleagues, students, and their families. It is important to note that our families have overwhelmingly supported a return to the classroom this fall. They have also known that our decisions have continued to be based on our ability to put our full attention on the safety and well-being of all in our care, which along with their children, includes all colleagues. It is that care that has informed our current reopening plans.

As you likely know, based on declining infection rates, Governor Cuomo’s office has authorized schools throughout New York state to reopen for in-person learning. We believe we can reopen on September 14 in person safely with the policies and procedures we have put in place, which were created based on federal and state guidance, as well as input from public health experts and facilities experts.  With respect to our colleagues who are particularly at-risk, we have been working to find them accommodations as possible that will allow them to do their jobs safely.

I also want to be clear that the moment school leadership believes that in-person learning is no longer safe or should the Governor’s office or Mayor’s office direct schools to cease in-person learning because of safety concerns, we are committed to transitioning to a hybrid or fully remote model. I hope this information addresses and allays some of your concerns.


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