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The following letter was sent to the BFS Board of Trustees from three union members and a representative of UAW Local 2110.︎︎︎

September 24, 2020

Dear Chairman Oliver and Trustees of the Brooklyn Friends Board,

We write after having two very productive discussions with the former Board clerks Alice Pope, Nancy Black and Benjamin Warnke, to address the crisis in which we all find ourselves. The former clerks kindly introduced us to two labor relations experts, who are also Quaker—Professors Rebecca Givan and Paul Clark. The professors have provided us with information on alternative methods of union negotiations and labor/management relations which they described as more in keeping with Quaker process and values. We are open and amenable to these alternative methods, including mediation, in order to achieve a collaborative and productive partnership with the School’s leadership, and avoid any disruption.

As you are aware, the union membership of the School has voted to authorize a strike in light of the School’s NLRB petition. We respectfully request that you withdraw the petition. If it is withdrawn, we will not strike. We ask you to instead join us in considering the alternative method of labor/management engagement which has been suggested by the former Board clerks.

In friendship and with hope,

Valerie Alston, Registrar, Union Member
Sarah Gordon, Third Grade Teacher, Union Bargaining Committee
Matthew Presto, Middle School Teacher, Union Bargaining Committee
Maida Rosenstein, President, Local 2110 UAW

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