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September 30, 2020

Dear Crissy and BFS Board:

I thank you for the efforts you have made over the past months to have school reopen. Reopening concerns aside, I can say that our 3rd grade daughter comes home at the end of the school day excited to be back at BFS in person, with her dear friends and the teachers who have always engaged her in learning and caring.

I write due to the cognitive dissonance caused when this excitement she experiences from learning—for example, about figures such as labor organizer Dolores Huerta and others passionately committed to social justice—rams into your insistence on a Trump-administration loophole to decertify the labor organization that 80% of the BFS teachers and staff have democratically worked to achieve. How do we explain your position to our daughter as a good thing, the way to be? Cognitive dissonance has a close relative that serves power: hypocrisy. Hypocritical is how I now see your leadership actions to be when combined with the BFS commitment to social justice. I would like to think otherwise, but I’m not seeing your effort to present otherwise. You are using Quakerism as a weapon (of all things) to attempt to remove clarity and consistency from the table for BFS teachers and staff. Your purported commitment to Quaker direct communication is untenable when you have turned down the completely reasonable and constructive suggestions of the 8/30 Clerks’ Proposal.

If you do not withdraw your petition to decertify the union, we will be looking for a new school for our daughter. If you do not withdraw the petition and there is a strike, you waste my family’s finances, time, my daughter’s education, and your integrity. The reason for unionizing is clear. The reason for union busting isn’t—besides being interpreted as a power grab that contradicts your curriculum and academic identity. Why do you insist on this destructiveness?

I ask that you withdraw your petition and engage in the kind of Quaker communication that can lead to the school’s healing and rebuilding of trust.

In friendship,

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